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Rhododendron 'Dianta'

Hybridiser:Stockman, M.. Port Angeles, Washington, USA (see more plants of this hybridizer)
Status:IRRC registered.
The figures listed here are averages.

The exact location (altitude, sunlight, soil, climate) can influence growth considerably
in 10 years
Bloom time:unknownFlower:unknown
H0 = 0 C (32 F)
H1 = -7 C (20 F)
H2 = -12 C (10 F)
H3 = -15 C (5 F)
H4 = -18 C (0 F)
H5 = -24 C (-10 F)

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Parentage according the IRRC of the Royal Horticultural Society
Involved in other cultivars:Hybridiser
'Aaron Dean''Purple Splendour' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1983
'Debra Stockman''Dianta' x 'Kubla Khan'Stockman, M., 1992
'Diana Lynn''Kubla Khan' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1992
'Diana Stockman''Kubla Khan' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1992
'Good Neighbor''Dianta' x 'Kubla Khan'Stockman M. & H., 1992
'Jade Renee''Kammer's Ruffles' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1985
'Jitterbug''Dianta' x 'Kubla Khan'Stockman, M., 1993
'Lawrence Sharley''Purple Splendour' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1983
'Peridot''Hotei' x 'Dianta'Stockman, M., 1989
'Stockman's Flare''Dianta' x 'Kubla Khan'Stockman, M., 1992
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