The Hirsutum 10-year Rhododendron-project

The goal of this project is to collect
as much information and as many photos as
possible concerning rhododendrons.
That includes species, hybrids, azaleas, vireyas
and azaleodendrons.

Members of the Nederlandse Rhododendron Vereniging (Dutch chapter of the ARS) are helping to complete the database.
They use the administration tool (see My garden) to get a nice picture-overview of their own rhododendrons. With additional information about parentage, bloomtime, hardiness and so on.
You can have your "My garden" here as well !.
This way we can get an overview of the spread of rhododendrons worldwide.
Especially for some cultivars (hybrids) there is no information whether they have become 'extinct' or not.

Other help is needed:
Many photos have been sent sofar, there are a lot of people reacting and promising to send pictures.

More help is welcome!
See the list of Contributors

Project started 03 June 2009.