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Why www.hirsutum.info?
Rhododendron hirsutum was the first rhododendron to be classified and named. It was discovered in the 16th century by a Flemish botanist, Charles l'Ecluse, who later became called Clusius.

The purpose of this website is to give an overview of as many rhododendron species and hybrids as possible. A virtual botanical garden. A virtual arboretum.

Species (the originals found in nature) include azaleas and vireyas, since they became part of the Rhododendron-genus as well. For the species see also the classification-rules.

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Rhododendron species alphabetically231792
Rhododendron species taxonomy
Rhododendron hybrids3873753
Azalea hybrids84524
Vireya hybrids23386
Unknown ??always1

Rhododendron hirsutum in nature
Rhododendron hirsutum


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